Women are Superheroes!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Women are the real superheroes of the world. We are strong, intelligent, confident, beautiful and can do anything in this world. We’ve overcome several obstacles in our history from exclusion in education, politics, and wage disparities and certain fundamental rights. We’ve overcome being seen as subordinate to being the real game-changers in the world. Malala Yousafzai, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama are just a few of hundreds who’ve changed the world. It is no surprise that the first person ever to have won two Nobel Prizes was a woman, Marie Curie. And it is no surprise that Jacinda Arden, prime minister of New Zealand, is one of the few leaders in the world to have tackled the pandemic and almost eradicated all of the Covid cases in the country. This goes to show how powerful women are under any circumstance, whether that means being a business owner, student, employee, mother, wife, daughter, or friend.


Nowadays, times have been tough with the pandemic looming over us. As women, one of our greatest strengths is our emotional capability of being vulnerable yet strong. This pandemic has definitely made me more vulnerable to the downfalls of running a business, yet it’s made me more susceptible to change and learning new things. Us women are used to facing obstacles and our minds are hardwired to think critically to overcome them. The pandemic was an obstacle, and I chose to not let it bring me down. Just because the studio was shut down, doesn’t mean the work ended. I took my passions and reworked it. I gave you all a new ecommerce platform. I brought the experience of walking into my studio and made it virtual. I chose to become closer to my followers on social media. My doors may not have been open but my DMs for sure are. Now is the time that us women have to do what we do best, and that is to think creatively and support one another.


International Women’s Day is about WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN. The only way for us amazing women to move forward is to help, encourage, and support one another. I want to take the time to thank all of my amazing women supporters.


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