Updated Skin Care Routine For Warmer Months!

The sun is shining, the leaves are growing, and seasonal depression is slowly fading away. That’s right folks, spring is around the corner if you haven’t already noticed. Heading into the warmer months, I’m sure I'm not the only one who has started to make some big changes. I'm talking spring cleaning, updating your wardrobe, getting some physical activity outdoors and more! There’s one big change we usually overlook when it comes to transitioning from cold to warmer months; SKINCARE! Your skin has a life of its own, one that adapts and reacts to different weather! Do you find yourself with drier skin in the winter and oiler skin in the summer? That’s your skin putting in overtime to adjust to the weather! That means, as your skin is transitioning, so should your skincare!

Let’s talk about what you need to do moving into the warmer months.

1. Don’t you dare throw away that moisturizer !


I know a lot of you have a misconception that if your face feels oily, you don’t need to moisturize. WRONG! Even in the warmer weather, you still have to continue moisturizing. Without a moisturizer, your skin becomes dehydrated and produces even more oil which can lead to acne. If you feel like your skin feels extra hydrated in the warmer months, then I would suggest switching to a more lighter solution such as hyaluronic acid or any other water-based formula. 


2. Switch to gentle cleansers!


You’ll most likely be sweating and spending more time outdoors as the weather warms up. So it'll be inevitable that your skin will accumulate oil and debris. GROSS! Switch to a gentle cleanser that is NOT oil-based and see your skin glow! 


3. Never forget about your eyes!


Eye creams and serums are something that should be incorporated into your skincare routine all year round, especially during the warmer months! Eye cream/serum is like moisturizer for your eyes. So once again, if you feel like your entire face is fairly hydrated and oily during warmer months, it is not an excuse to neglect your eyes! The skin around your eyes can also become dehydrated if not treated with TLC. As a result, you’ll see your eye bags getting worse, and you can develop crows feet! You NEED to continue treating your eyes to prevent collagen degradation. B.Beautiful has the perfect solution to look younger and illuminated underneath your eyes! We just launched our new product; The Kypris Illumination Serum and Primer that’s packed with powerhouse ingredients to soften, soothe, and brighten the appearance of your eye area. ($195). 


4. Spring clean your skincare products!

Toss out anything that’s over six months old! Old products tend to build up bacteria which can clog your skin more and have adverse effects. Revisit anything that’s too old to be applied to your skin. Treat your skin like a temple and feed it new and clean products! 


Like I said before, your skin has a mind of its own! If the weather is changing, so should your products and routine. Let’s all come out of this pandemic glowing ! 

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Updated Skin Care Routine For Farmer Months!