The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts


Mom’s are super special. They’re the real superheroes of the world. They carry us for nine months, deal with our tantrums, teach us about life and feed us with unconditional love for the rest of our lives. Being a mother is definitely a full time job that often gets overlooked. They’re our biggest fans and most important moral compass. They uplift us and encourage us to reach our fullest potential. This past year has been quite tough, so to all moms feeling a little extra stressed from having to keep their families safe from the pandemic, or juggling a job while watching the kids at home, or dealing with sick family members and having to keep their head up high and smile shining bright, let's show them a little extra appreciation this year for Mother’s Day. 


From April 27th - May 9th, if you spend over $50, we will gift you free gold eye patches and with purchases over $100, you’ll get eye patches as well as our very popular BB Mascara! 


Having trouble trying to decide what to buy? To make your lives easier, I have rounded up my top picks for the best Mother’s Day gifts this year to spoil mom. 


Muizee Chain Bracelet ($50) 


Who doesn’t love jewelry as a gift? Why not spoil mom with a 14K gold chain bracelet. You can even customize it to include charms with initials. It’s the perfect subtle piece to go with any outfit or layered with any jewelry. And the initial charm adds that cute personal touch she’d love. 


B.Beautiful Head Bands ($25)


Accessories are a girl’s best friend! Our cute headbands come in all colours and a variety of designs for mom to spice up her hairstyles and have a little fun. Pair this with the Muizee Chain Bracelet and mom’s accessory game would be unmatched. 


B.Beautiful Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush ($22)


This one’s for our mamas who love to glam up with lash extensions. Gift her this lash pamper kit so her lashes can last extra long and her natural lashes can retain its health! And then once doors open again, mom would be ready for her lash refill she’s been anxiously waiting for. 



B.Beautiful Tinter Primer ($53.50)


Nothing screams I love you more than spoiling our well deserving moms with some luxurious makeup. Our B.Beautiful tinter primer is the perfect lightweight solution to enhance mom’s natural glow, all while protecting her skin. Stop mom from using old products that could possibly damage her beautiful skin and introduce her to our primer that's meant to hydrate and smoothen her skin! 


B.Beautiful 3X Hydration Mist ($36)


Pair this with the B.Beautiful Tinter Primer and mom is set! It’s going to be a record-breaking hot summer so this hydration mist is a must. A quick spritz of this nurturing face mist is all mom needs to hydrate her skin and revitalize her spirits. It purifies and refreshes while providing lasting moisture and restoring suppleness.


B.Beautiful Rose Lip Mask ($25) 


We just came out of a strange winter. There were days where it was super cold, and days where it was fairly warm considering the time of the year. Such drastic changes in weather can really harm the skin, including your lips! This rose lip mask is here to the rescue. Help mom restore her lips’ moisture and suppleness with this creamy product infused with natural ingredients. 


Hopefully I’ve made your shopping list much easier this year for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing moms and moms-to-be!