Suffering from breakouts under your masks? How to fight “maskne”

If you're serious about protecting yourself — and others — from the very real dangers of Covid-19, you're wearing mask when you go out around others.

For many people that is leading to an embarrassing and unpleasant side effect: blemishes, pimples, zits — or what dermatologists call acne.


Breakouts that occur after wearing a mask have become so common that mask acne's been dubbed "maskne" on social media.


Acne mechanica

The technical term for maskne is "acne mechanica," and is the result of the mechanical friction of a fabric against the skin. It's not new — sports figures who wear helmets and chin guards are quite familiar with such breakouts.


Since we can't — or shouldn't — stop wearing masks around others for the foreseeable future, here are some key prevention tips.




How to Prevent and Treat Maskne

1. Wash that mask

Masks should be washed and completely dried after every use and make sure you go with cotton masks as they allow the skin to breathe. And if you exercise or sweat during the day with a mask on, then you want to change that mask and put on a fresh, clean mask right away.



2. Use gentle skin care


Good quality, simple skincare does not have to be the $500 fancy product. Just use light, gentle cleansers, non-oily, not harsh. Cleanse your skin twice a day, morning and night, with the fingertips only.


B. Beautiful Cleansing Water – A Gentle but Powerful Cleanser


Remove makeup with clear cleansing water that not only removes makeup but bacteria too. This is a great product to use before and after wearing a mask; after wearing makeup all day, or before getting ready in the morning. We recommend using it both morning and night.


The clean liquid removes surface impurities, leaving your skin looking bright, toned, and even. Made with all-natural ingredients including natural licorice extract, arnica, cypress nut, and malt extracts, it helps stimulate circulation, giving your skin the healthy glow without pesky pimples.

B. Beautiful Cleansing Wipes – Cleansing on the Go


Cleaning your face throughout the day is the number one way to eliminate breakouts. Whether you just left the gym, took a long walk, or wore a mask out in public for a few hours, your face traps bacteria, which leads to pimples.


The B. Beautiful Cleansing Wipes give you the on-the-go cleansing you need. Quickly wipe your face any time of day with a wipe and eliminate the bacteria growth that would quickly lead to breakouts. Stash a pack in your purse and stop suffering from mask breakouts!

3. Don't use petroleum protection

Many of us might reach for a soothing heavy cream or petroleum jelly to smear on our faces where our mask rubs — but that's a mistake, especially for anyone who needs to wear protective gear. Petroleum products and a lot of these things can actually interfere with the integrity of the mask and the seal.

If you have skin breakdown, ulcers or erosion from your personal protective equipment, talk to a board-certified dermatologist because there are products that can be prescribed to help.


If you aren’t sure where to turn or feel like everything you try doesn’t work, consider a full skincare consultation from a licensed professional. Learn your skin type, why you break out, and what you can do to put an end to the acne issues you face.

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