Predictions for 2021 brow, skincare, and makeup trends!

2020 has been the craziest years of our lives and I’m sure a lot of us have adjusted to new routines, and made some big lifestyle changes during the several lockdowns we’ve experienced. It’s safe to say, we will be taking a lot of lessons learned from 2020 and applying it to the new year. With the start of this new year, and such a crazy year put to the past, I won’t be surprised if tons of new beauty trends begin in 2021. Here are my predictions on what brows, makeup, and skin care trends will take off in 2021. 

Predicted 2021 trend for brows 

The “undone brow” - Embracing your own brows and learning to love what you have, even if this means embracing your beautifully thin or stunningly thick brows. This new year is all about natural brows. People will no longer care to fill them in everyday as a lot of us have gotten used to being confined at home. With minimal to no grooming, your brows will grow to be their healthiest ever for the following year’s trends. Imagine the potential for grooming once you're over the natural brow trend! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to find love and happiness in the little things, and embrace simplicity. The same idea applies to thicker, bushy brows and learning to love the imperfections. The trend of the “undone brow” is definitely going to emerge in 2021, and as a result, growth serums for brows will be a popular buy! A brow serum much like the GrandeBrow Brow Enhancing Serum will become very popular. Another way to achieve that “undone look” if you’re not much of a makeup aficionado, is by using a bar of soap and a spooly or any clean mascara wand. Twist the spooly on a bar of soap and brush your brows upward to create that natural, effortless, undone look , for under $5! 

Predicted 2021 trend for makeup 


Having endured such a long pandemic with numerous lockdowns, the trend for 2021 regarding makeup will be a look with the least work, yet the most result. Most people are not pro makeup artists, and have begun embracing the natural look. So let’s talk about creating that “natural” “effortless” look with an easy makeup routine. 2021 is going to see a decline in the massive contour and heavy eyeshadow trend, and a shift towards “barely there” makeup. Here are some products to use to achieve this look:

  1. BB face kit - for an easy 5 min face and everything you need

  2. BB face Primer - if you have no time and you want quick flawless skin, look refreshed and ready to go

  3. BB concealer stick - so conceal any imperfections and tired eyes

  4. BB mascara- quick way to look finished awake, highlight for the eyes

  5. BB 3x mist- for a quick freshen up and glow between meetings or going to the grocery store

Predicted 2021 trend for skincare

Skincare will be the new makeup! The skincare industry is going to grow massively during 2021. This year we will see more people living by the idea that why wear makeup when you can have perfect skin. The best way to achieve this is with at home facials and treatments. At the very basics, your skin care routine must include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Here are a few products we offer to take advantage of this up and coming trend. 

  1. BB at home facial and skin care consultation for at home product use**

  2. BB exfoliating/cleansing sponges

  3. BB cleansing water

  4. BB cleansing oil

  5. BB 3x mist

  6. BB lip mask and scrub


We will see a rise in skincare consultations, with the intention of really truly getting to know your skin, rather than experimenting with various drugstore products. B.Beautiful offers virtual skincare consultations to understand what ingredients and products will best suit your skincare needs. Simply by sending a quick DM to the B.Beautiful Instagram, you can get connected to Brittni who will walk you through the appropriate skincare.           


Overall, my predictions emphasize natural beauty with undone brows, effortless makeup, and more advanced skin care to give you that “I survived a pandemic” glow! 

For more information, contact Brittni Alexandra at B. Beautiful at or shop online at .

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