Microblading For Cancer Patients and Survivors

Did you know over 65% of patients who undergo chemotherapy will experience hair loss. This includes eyebrows and sometimes eyelashes. Post-chemotherapy, hair on heads are usually grown back but a lot of the time, the brow hairs remain sparse or don’t grow back at all. Imagine having lived through some of the most emotionally and physically toughest moments of your life and having to recover all while dealing with the issue of lack of brow hair growth. It may seem like a small feat for some but for others, it can take quite a hit to a person’s self-esteem, after all your eyes are usually the first feature people notice. That is why we recommend microblading to cancer survivors who are no longer on chemo and have been approved by the doctor.


Chemotherapy may take your eyebrows but it shouldn’t take your confidence. Microblading is an option for all those looking to regain that brow confidence. The process gives you very natural looking eyebrows compared to eyebrow tattooing as it creates hair strokes to give the illusion of real hair. And the best part is, if you’re unsatisfied, they can be removed or re-done!


One of the best things about microblading is that there’s no pain, only a slight tingling feeling that not everyone experiences, and there’s no downtime. The results are immediate with no risks. You’re in and out the door in a short amount of time with your dream brows.


If you are considering getting microblading done at B.Beautiful by the brow queen herself, Brittni Alexandra, you can bring a reference picture of your brows prior to chemo or even an inspo picture and Brittni can work her magic to restore that amazing confidence of yours.


Confidence comes from within and if a quick brow TLC experience is what you feel will help, then do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good and beautiful again!

Book a microblading appointment during November 26 - 29th for any day before the end of February and take 10% off!