Let’s talk about EYE CARE !


Your eyes are the gateway to your soul. Eyes are the first feature I notice in a person because eyes are arguably the most expressive part of your face. Your real emotions show through your eyes. Since it's such an important feature, why do we find ourselves neglecting them during our skincare routine? Your eye care should take centre stage in your skincare routine and you can start as early as 18 years old and especially at least by 25. Your eyes can really show your true age, so eye care is super important to slow down the aging process and appear younger and more youthful!


The eye area is very delicate. The skin around your eyes is entirely different and more sensitive than the skin on your face so it definitely needs a little extra TLC. The skin around your eyes are very prone to dryness because they lack oil glands. It is also the thinnest skin on our entire body! And because we are constantly moving our eye muscles with our facial expressions, we are stretching the skin. This can cause lines, sagging, and wrinkles much sooner than anywhere else on your face!


Because the eye area is super precious, you need to be careful with the products you choose to put around your eyes. Not all drugstore eye creams and serums, or expensive branded products are effective. In fact many have virtually no benefits or can even cause adverse effects! 


The one eye serum I absolutely swear by is the Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer and here’s why! 

The Kypris eye serum is a technology forward, featherweight emulsion that creates the optical illusion of a brightened eye area. Say bye to those stubborn eye bags! The product is Formulated with sustainably and ethically sourced mica and shea, colloidal platinum peptides, and ocean extracts to hydrate, soothe, smooth, and brighten the appearance of the delicate skin around your eyes.


Featured Ingredients 


Platinum peptides and dual peptide complex: Precious peptides with rare platinum colloids and amino acids to enhance the appearance of a smoothed eye contour.

Ectoin: A lab-created extremolyte supports the appearance of skin’s Beauty in the face of environmental stressors like light pollution.

Bacillus: A fermented ocean extract moisturizes and hydrates skin to enhance the appearance of a smoothed eye contour.

Hyaluronic Acid: High and low molecular weight active that intensely hydrates skin to enhance the appearance of a more smoothed, juicy eye area.

Shea: A gentle, yet lavishly moisturizing botanical oil from a UN Global Compact Project supporting women farmers.

Mica: Brightens and adds radiance to the appearance of the under eye area. All mica in this formula is from a UN Global Compact signatory with a Human Rights Charter to eliminate child labor, offer fair pay, and ensure safe working conditions.


Try out our new Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer and DM us your thoughts and remember, we don’t want eye bags, we only want designer bags! 

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