Let’s Beat MASKNE in 2021!

Let’s Beat MASKNE in 2021!

Masks have been imperative to our safety and preventative to the spread of the virus, therefore a lot of us have been spending a large chunk of our days wearing our masks. From there, began the emergence of MASKNE. Masks have become a breeding ground for acne and a lot of us are struggling to understand how to tackle this issue. Noticing stubborn bumps around your jaw area, inner cheeks, and even your forehead, that you never had before? It’s most likely because of our masks! 


Here are some helpful tips and products to use to battle your stubborn maskne!


The face needs to be washed a minimum of twice a day. The idea is to get rid of the bacteria that has been built up on your face while wearing the mask, much like you would wash your face after sweating due to a workout. Skin care has to be stricter than ever, therefore washing your face as soon as you get home and remove your mask is very important. 


Brittni breaks down the ideal skin care routines for oily skin, dry/sensitive skin, and combination/normal skin along with the products she offers at B.Beautiful studio to help:

Oily Skin 


  1. DM for a skincare consultation. From there, Brittni will put together a custom, medical-grade, at home facial kit to use every 4 weeks if you are uncomfortable with in-person facials or if we are stuck in more lockdowns.

  2. Instead of using your hands to wash your face, use the BB cleansing sponges in the am and pm to properly exfoliate your skin and remove all dirt and grime

  3. Use the BB Cleansing Oil to remove makeup before using your cleanser. Use the exfoliating sponges to remove the oil.

  4. For your toning step, use the BB Cleansing Water in the am and pm.

  5. BB Wipes are perfect if you are on the go and if you will be wearing your mask for a long period of time. Consistently wipe your face with these effective wipes

  6. Use the BB roller to help with cell production and drainage

  7. Lastly, to hydrate your skin, use the BB 3X Mist to protect your skin as it contains antibacterial properties


Dry Skin/ Sensitive Skin 


  1. Consult with Brittni for an at-home facial kit to be used every 6-8 weeks

  2. Use the BB cleansing oil to remove your makeup followed by the cleansing sponge only in the pm.

  3. BB Cleansing Water in the am and pm

  4. BB wipes for consistent cleansing throughout the day

  5. BB Gua Sha for circulation and collagen production. This step will allow your skin to function and heal.

  6. BB 3X Mist to hydrate


Combination Skin/ Normal Skin 


  1. At-Home facial kit every 6 weeks

  2. BB Cleansing oil to remove makeup, followed by BB Sponges to remove the oil in the pm.

  3. BB Cleansing water for your toning step

  4. BB wipes for on the go.

  5. BB Gua Sha for circulation and collagen production

  6. BB 3X Mist for hydration


Other Maskne Preventative tips 


  1. Use cotton and washable or disposable masks. If using cotton masks, make sure you purchase enough to be able to wash the masks after one use. If using a disposable mask, DO NOT reuse the mask.

  2. Ideally makeup should not be worn under a mask, but if it’s necessary then do not wear, heavy full coverage foundation, instead use a tinted primer such as the BB Primer which has skin care benefits as well.

  3. Wipe your face with the BB Wipes periodically.

  4. If you still find yourself struggling with acne despite keeping consistent with your skincare routine, consult a dermatologist or aesthetician to find out if masks are the issue or if there are other external or internal factors


Remember, stay positive and stay consistent. Acne does not clear up overnight. In order for a skin care routine to work, you have to keep at it for at least a month to two months. You may experience purging which is okay! Purging means your skin is expelling all of the bacteria and dirt built up. Don’t give up, and stick through it, much like we all stuck through 2020 and came out stronger than ever! 

For more information, contact Brittni Alexandra at B. Beautiful at or shop online at .