HD Brows: Everything You Need To Know

Tune in for Brow shaping and tinting in High Definition 

  1. Do you want brows that are the right shape for your face?

  2. Do you want brows that define your eyes and make you stand out instead of blend in with your skin?

  3. Do you want brows that match your hair colour or a little bit darker?

Well then you’re looking for High Definition (HD) brows and we can give you those at B.Beautiful. 


Our High Definition Brow service will give you stunning, natural but distinguished brows in just thirty minutes and not cost you a fortune.  These brows will last you 4-6 weeks and will fade naturally over time instead of having that grown-out look. 

We first start with a consultation. The consultation is one of the most important steps in the process.  We discuss what you are hoping to achieve, whether it is fuller brows, a different brow shape, a different look to your face, and what is possible.  It is a great idea to bring a picture of brows you like to the studio so that we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. Often times someone says they want fuller brows but it is not as full as what someone else may think. Once the shape is discussed we then move on to colour.  It is always better to go a little lighter at first as it is always easier to add colour than to remove it once the brows are tinted. And just like changing your hair colour it is always best to do it in small steps. 


The next step is to tint the brows.  At B.Beautiful we use high end brow tints that are very different than hair colour tints.  


After the tint is removed we then move onto shaping.  This is a crucial step and one in which it is very important to go with someone who is experienced.  At B. Beautiful we use a gentle wax that works well on sensitive skin and will tweeze if necessary to achieve the look.  We do not thread as threading can rip the skin and cause tiny bumps to form often from bacteria that gets into the skin after it has been broken. 

Following the wax, a soothing lotion is applied to help with any redness if there is any and finished off with a brow fill if needed.  Brows can be filled using either a pencil or powder but Britnni at B.Beautiful likes to use Kelly Baker’s Brow Defining Pencil as it keeps the look very natural.


And voila!  In less than 30 minutes you have perfect, beautiful, natural looking brows!

For more information or to book a free consultation, contact Brittni Alexandra at B. Beautiful at or by phone at (416) 486-3000.