Golden Skin With A 24 Carat Treatment

What Is A Gold Mask?


A gold mask is an all-in-one spa treatment which is done by just applying the mask made from genuine 24 karat gold foil. These masks are responsible for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines ensuring the younger skin. A 24-carat gold facial has no skin limitations which means that people with dry, oily, and even the acne-prone skin can use and gain equal benefits.

Benefits of Gold Mask

The gold mask makes a perfect facial treatment for the achievement of healthy, beautiful, and young skin. They also help with reducing the aging symptoms and combat the fatigue which ensures the restoration of energy, light, glow, and smoothness of the skin:

As per Brittni, the benefits are the following:


  • Skin Cell Renovation 

  • Elasticity 

  • Antioxidants are equal to anti-aging

  • Enhances the blood circulation

  • Empowerment

Procedure for The Gold Mask

1.     Cleanse your skin with the cleansing products depending upon the skin type.

2.    Exfoliate your skin to make sure that all the dead cells have been removed.

3.     Third step – 24 K gold mask time. Everything that you have to do is to sit back and give yourself a break. (let the mask dry for 15 minutes)

  1. Facial message to drain any puffiness in the face.

  2. Apply serum “Antioxidant Dues” that consists vitamin C, followed by “1000 Roses” elixir to add some hydration to your skin.



We only use “Kypris” skicare line in our studio. It’s all natural, not tested on animals and the best part they get all their ingredients from women owned farms only.

Results of Gold Mask

When you remove the mask, you will notice that the skin is luminous and hydrated than before.

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