Eyebrows We Want To See At TIFF This Year

TIFF kicks off its 9-day event on September 9th after a tumultuous last 2 years. And although Toronto still won’t get to experience the glitz and glamour of celebrities roaming the city and industry events, we still will get to indulge in well made films and a few celeb appearances. A little birdie told us Kristen Stewart will be doing a Q&A in conversation at TIFF. We are super excited for things to slowly transition back to normal and part of our excitement is getting to see people in person (safely of course)! With in-person screenings this year and as brow queen of Toronto myself, I cannot wait to see the brows that will make an appearance at TIFF this year! 


Soap Brows need to make an appearance! I cannot stress this enough. Soap brows have to be the trend of the year. Almost everyone has taken to laminating their brows to give it a fuller and fluffier effect. Emphasising natural brow hair has become so important in the last two years, especially during lock down. The best part is, they’re super easy to achieve. All you need is a spoolie and transparent soap if you don’t have a brow gel on hand! 


Another trend I definitely need to see is the geolift! Not sure what that is? The perfect example is Zendaya’s brows! Geolift brows are fluffy and full in the front with a defined arch and a tapered, clean end! Geolift brows are the perfect combination of our fave 2016 dip brows and 2021’s soap brow trend! It’s all about balance!


Now on the other end of the spectrum, as much as I need to see natural, fluffy brows at TIFF this year, why not switch things up and make brows nostalgic. I’m talking about Angelina Jolie brows from her Tomb Raider era. That late 90s, early 2000s thin and arched look! All brows are beautiful and as much as the world loves thick brows, thin brows can make just as much of a statement. 


Another type of brow I’m itching to spot on other celebs besides Natalie Portman, are straight brows! As much as I personally love a chiseled arch, straight brows look just as striking! Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid rock straight brows. What I love about this style is it gives you an instant facelift with a fox eye effect AND it emphasizes your natural cheekbones. 


Lastly, how about colourful brows for the fun of it? Who says you can’t have fun with brows, just don’t destroy them! I’d love to see some colourful glitter or temporary dye on our celebs brows. If Billy Porter were at TIFF this year, I’m sure I’d be able to convince him! Colourful brows make a statement and scream, “I’m unapologetically myself and here to have a good time!”. 


With TIFF around the corner, we can’t wait to see all the trends that will pop up by industry members. Especially brow trends! Let us know what trends you hope to see this year at TIFF!