Eyebrow Hacks Every Girl Should Know

ood eyebrows are always in style. Eyebrow trends change from year to year, but lately, the bigger and more lush, the better. This doesn’t mean you should let your brows get unruly- we’ve uncovered some tips and tricks to keep your brows on fleek! And when it comes to growing your brows? There are a few key eyebrow hacks you definitely need to know! Read on if you want the best brows of your life.

How to Grow Eyebrows

1. Leave Your Brows Alone
It can be tough not to pluck, wax or thread your eyebrows, especially if you feel like you’ve been doing it your whole life, but if you want your eyebrows to grow, you have to leave them alone. Don’t perform any type of grooming for at least 12 weeks – it can take up to a year for your brows to grow in fully, so you have to do your part in allowing them to flourish!

2. Comb Your Brows
Did you know combing your brows stimulates growth? Pick up some spoolie brushes and run them through your brows on the daily. It will help them grow lush and also ensures you keep them tamed.


5. Use an Eyebrow Growth Serum
Apply an eyebrow growth serum to your brows daily. Many growth serums out there work by conditioning your hair and renewing its natural renewal cycle. You’ll notice a difference in the amount and strength of your eyebrow hair due to nourishing ingredients that will restore and repair your brows.

How to Shape Eyebrows

Once you’ve grown your eyebrows to their desired length, it’s time to shape them! Here are 3 steps to shape perfect brows.


Step 1: Figure out the best eyebrow shape for your face
Every face will look better with a certain eyebrow shape. Just because a brow shape looks good on your friend or favourite celebrity, doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit you.

For example, round faces tend to look best with structured brows that have angled arches and longer ends, while heart-shaped faces often look best with soft, rounded arches that complement your sharp angles. Finding the shape that works best for you is a key first step!

Step 2: Time to trim
Use eyebrow scissors to trim down your long hairs – just don’t snip them too much. To ensure you don’t crop them too much, brush your hair up with a spoolie and only trim the long hairs, one hair at a time.


Step 3: Pluck away
Use a set of tweezers to pluck any unruly hairs. Make sure not to over pluck, and tweeze the hairs in the direction of hair growth, while holding your skin taut. Look for stray hairs between the two dots at the beginning of your brows, as well as beneath your arch and beyond the end of the tail.

Ready to get your perfect brows? These tips and products will ensure your brows are always on fleek!


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