Celebrating National Lash Day 2021

National Lash Day

Today is all about appreciating the power of natural and false lashes. Whether you indulge in extra volume to classic lash extensions, falsies, mascaras, or even rock the natural look, take the time today to value the beauty of them. National Lash Day was established in 2015 by House of Lashes to celebrate the beauty and functionality of lashes. With such beauty comes great responsibility to maintain your gorgeous lashes. 


Let’s talk about how you can maintain the health and vibrance of your natural and false lashes and make them pop ! 


Shampoo your extensions!


Lash Box Lash Shampoo

Shampoo isn’t just meant for the hair on your head. Time to add lash shampoo to your self-care routine. A Lot of people brush off the importance of shampooing extensions. Here’s the thing, the adhesive used to attach the falsies to your natural lashes, is a dirt trap. If you’re not cleaning the debris off the lashes, you’re putting yourself at risk of infection, destroying your natural lashes, and even lash mites! Increase the longevity of your extensions, while maintaining the health of your natural lashes by using lash shampoo when removing your makeup. 


Lash Box Lash Shampoo ($40) 



Lash Botox is the new botox trend! 


No I don’t mean injectable botox! The beauty of Lash Botox Cream is that it's a non-invasive way of getting botox-like enhancements on your lashes! Lash Botox Cream is highly enriched with vitamins, natural oils, collagen, keratin and peptides. It Helps nourish lifted and processed lashes and brows, creating thicker and healthier looking lashes and brows and helps repair weak and damaged lashes and brows. It also acts as the perfect after care for your brow or lash lift or just wanting healthier/fuller lashes and brows on your own. Please note this does not replace hair growth serums.


Lash Botox Cream ($35)



Grow your lashes! 

Grande Lash Serum

Lash serums are my main prediction for the next biggest beauty trend for the new year. Quarantine has been all about self-care. A Lot of us have been growing our hair out, changing up our routine and enhancing our natural beauty. As much time that we spend on our skin care, let’s also focus on lash care and grow these babies out so you come out of quarantine with sky-high lashes. The GrandeLash Lash Enhancing Serum is a breakthrough multi award-winning eyelash enhancing serum that promotes longer & thicker looking lashes in 4-6 weeks (with full results in 3 months). It is ophthalmologist tested & approved and safe to use with contacts & lash extensions.


GrandeLash Lash Enhancing Serum ($93.50)

 Do not wipe away your lashes! 

Makeup wipes can be super harsh to your lashes. We rub our eyes harshly with wipes to remove excess mascara and find 1 or 2 lashes on our wipes. Imagine 1 or 2 lashes falling off every night, you’ll eventually be left with no lashes! Time to switch things up and use makeup wipes that are specifically safe for lashes. The JB Lash Safe Makeup is a great alternative to the regular wipes you use, effectively removing your makeup all the while protecting your lashes. 


JB Lash Safe Makeup Wipes ($15.95) 

Intensify your natural lashes AND lash extensions 


Now that you’ve taken the steps of taking care of your lashes, time to make them pop. Ditch your drugstore mascara and switch to the JB Lash Protecting Mascara and here’s why. Regular mascara can be damaging to your natural lashes and especially your lash extensions. The general rule of thumb is to avoid using mascara on lash extensions, however JB Lash mascara is one of the only mascara you can safely use to further enhance and intensify your extensions and natural lashes. This product is oil free and conditioning for your lashes! 



Show us how you’re celebrating National Lash Day with the hashtag #BBeautifullashes and remember, healthy lashes are beautiful lashes!