3 Ways to Spice Up your Galentine’s Day in a Pandemic

Are you finding yourself dreading the idea of being single on Valentine’s Day this year? Stop right there! Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and who wrote the rule book on Valentine's Day stating love is only for our significant others? Love is all around us and takes many shapes and forms. Repeat after me, I love my siblings, I love my friends, I love my family, I love my dog. Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day a little different this year? Let’s call it Galentine's Day, grab a nice bottle of Rose, hope on Zoom and celebrate the love we have for our beautiful friends? And I totally understand that these zoom hangouts are getting repetitive and feeling slightly uninspired. Here are our top 3 creative ideas for spicing up your quarantined Galentine’s Day this year. 


  1. Virtual makeover.




Who doesn’t like to have a little fun with makeup? When I was a kid, I used to steal my mom’s red lipstick all the time. Just like the TikTok trend, pick emojis for your friends and have each person create an emoji inspired makeup look! I’d want the rainbow emoji so I could have fun with some of my colorful eyeshadow palettes. 

You can use our BB Face Kits for a soft glam, or even our Kelley Baker Brows Deluxe Brow Kits to kill the brow game. 


2.Pandemic fashion show

Quarantine has been all about comfort. My shopping carts have been filled with cute jogger sets and hoodies. A Lot of online retailers have even released new lines of comfort wear! A fun idea would be to do a virtual fashion show where you throw on your best comfort wear but make it chic. Add accessories, heels, a leather jacket, and just get creative. 

B.Beautiful offers super cute custom tie-dye sets and accessories to spice up your comfort wear fashion show. Throw on our Pom Pom Jewel Hat and Pyramid Drop Huggie Earrings and come out on top!

3. Group skin-care sesh


To put a spin on the classic girl’s night with face masks and wine, why not make it virtual. Grab your skin care, like our Patchology All The Feels Mask Kit, and our B.Beautiful Rose Quartz Roller, a glass of wine, and chat the night away with the girls virtually! Come out of Galentine's Day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and who knows, you might even learn some new skin care tips from your friends!


Who says Valentine’s Day has to be boring for us single and thriving ladies? I can’t wait to get together with my girlfriends to celebrate the love we have for each other. And I’ll definitely be buying flowers for my beautiful mom because there’s no one I love more. Love is a beautiful thing and it deserves to be celebrated with EVERYONE you love. Hopefully these Galentine’s Day ideas can help make your Zoom party this year slightly more interesting than your last zoom hangout.

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!

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