2020 Holiday Gift Guide for your Love Ones

The holidays are just around the corner, and we know how stressful this season can be especially given the current circumstances. Your indecisiveness kicks in in full effect during the holiday season when it comes to holiday shopping for your loved ones. Well stress no more! We have you covered with some great holiday gift ideas for all the amazing people in your life.

For your mom

 Mom’s have the toughest, yet most important job in the world. Raising children is a full time position so we understand how time is extremely valuable for mothers. Moms have this incredible super power of speed when it comes to getting ready in the morning and making sure the kids are ready for school, therefore what's better than a gift that can help them get ready quickly and easily and out the door in 5. Our BB Face Kit is the perfect option for mom this holiday! The BB Face Kit is the perfect formula for creating a full, and efficient makeup look. It comes with 3 brushes and 5 products: a colour stick for your eyes, lips, and cheeks, mascara, concealer, highlighter, bronzer and tinted primer which is a hybrid of foundation, primer and SPF. The tinted primer has skin care benefits which is great for most women who are concerned with anti ageing.

If your mom is not as much of a makeup enthusiast, much like mine, then our Karak jewelry line is the ideal gift. Jewelry is a no brainer for women, especially jewelry that is unique and long lasting. Our Karak line is developed from Mykonos and encompasses greek history and spirituality such as the evil eye. The designs are unlike anything that’s offered in this city so why not gift mom this year with a beautiful necklace, a pair of earrings, or some rings for her to show off at the holiday get togethers, even if they're on Zoom. 

For your sister/best friend 


Every now and then, trends resurrect and before you know it, all your fave stores are offering their versions of bell bottoms and jackets with shoulder pads. Tie Dye is one of those trends that has made a strong return. Lots of retailers are indulging in adding tie die to their selections however finding handmade tie dye fits at an affordable price is fairly difficult. Many retailers are charging upto $500 for a simple tie dye sweater. We have an awesome selection of Tie Dye from hoodies to sweatpants to crewnecks, all handmade in Toronto at an affordable price! You can even have them custom made with your sister or best friend's favorite colors. Why not elevate her wardrobe this holiday! 

If I had a sister or if I were to gift my best friend, I would also spoil her with some BB Makeup wipes and BB lip products such as our balm and lip scrub! Our makeup wipes are great because they're delicate on the skin to protect her youthful glow and our BB lip balm and sugar lip scrub are the perfect combination to keep her lips hydrated for the winter.

For your brother/dad 

If I had a dollar for everytime the men in my life told me they wash their face with just soap and water or even their shampoo in the shower, I’d be rich. Skin care is something our brothers and dads tend to neglect so why not introduce them to a simple skin care routine to protect their skin this winter. Black heads are my biggest pet peeve and most men have naturally thicker skin with combination oily texture, therefore being extra prone to larger pores and black heads. I would gift them a simple 3 step skin care set perfect for their thick skin. For a cleanser, we have the Kypris Cleanser Concentrate. This non foaming cleanser contains probiotics and leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and glowing. Followed by the cleanser, we have the B.Beautiful Brightening Cleansing Water which acts as the toning step in the skincare routine. This product is ultra lightweight and removes surface impurities, leaving your skin hydrated and renewed. And lastly, our men need a good skin routine sealant and for that I recommend either the Salt and Stone Hydrating Facial Lotion which is fragrance free, lightweight and fortified with squalene to provide instant hydration. Another option would be the Kypris Beauty Elixir II - Balancing Flowers which is a multi-active beauty oil that diminishes signs of imbalance and UV exposure. 

Hopefully this gift guide eases your holiday shopping worries! Happy Holidays everyone and stay safe! 

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