10-Min Routine Hacks When You’re Late For Work

A lot of us are headed back to the office for work as we’re finally seeing a light at the end of this long pandemic tunnel. Getting back into that morning routine of waking up early to wash your hair, do your makeup, and get dressed, can be daunting. One thing’s for sure is our tolerance to spending a lot of time getting ready has definitely gone down and some of us may even be struggling with punctuality. If you’re finding yourself running late for work every morning, I have the perfect self pampering routine hacks for you. 


1. Skincare

The first step is always skin care. You can skip wearing makeup but skipping your skin care is a hard no! But skin care doesn’t have to be super extensive. With the right products, a simple and quick skin care routine can make all the difference in the world especially when you’re running late for work. Dab the B.Beautiful Brightening Cleansing water on a cotton pad and wipe your face if there’s no time for a wash. The cleansing water doesn’t require any rinsing, is soap-free and removes any leftover makeup and impurities. 

Next, if you’re going to skip all steps in between, the only step I urge you to avoid skipping is SPF. Your skin needs moisture and SPF protection otherwise say hello to wrinkles and dark spots. Salt and Stone SPF 50 is perfect for equal parts moisture and sun protection. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin while Non-Nano Zinc Oxide blocks UVA + UVB rays.

2. Makeup

Makeup doesn’t need to take hours for it to make a difference on your face. You can achieve a glowy complexion in 5 minutes using the B.Beautiful Face Kit . This kit is made for those on the go. Prime your face with the tinter primer rather than spending excessive time applying full coverage foundation. The tinted primer gives you just the right amount of an effortless glow. Then apply a bit of the concealer underneath your eyes to cover-up any sleepless nights you may be having. The next step is my absolute fave because it’s three different steps that can be achieved with only one magical product in the kit; the B.Beautiful Colour Stick! Apply the colour stick on your cheeks AND eyelids AND lips and voila! You have your blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick done in 60 seconds. And then lastly, go in with some mascara and you’re ready! 

3. Accessorize!

Don’t spend precious time trying to come up with an outfit. Grab something simple and easily elevate any outfit with the right accessories! Throw on the Karak Pearl necklace and matching Karak Pearl Spike Hoop earrings. Worried your hair is a mess or dull? Comb it out or simply tie it up and elevate your look with a B.Beautiful Headband. Accessories are a girl’s best friend. 


And there you have it! Follow these steps and you’ll question why you ever used to spend an hour in the morning getting ready. These hacks will have you out the door and looking like a million bucks in 10 minutes.

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Brittni Alexandra at B. Beautiful